DND Biotech is an innovative company for the development and marketing of bio-based technologies for the remediation of industrial contaminated soil and for the recovery of fertility of agricultural soil

How our project began 

When working with TB TESECO BONIFICHE on the Bio.Res.Nova project in the field of environmental remediation, in collaboration with the Department of Biology of the University of Pisa and the “Pisa Foundation”, we noted that the economic activity associated with optimisation of agricultural land use as well as recovery and rehabilitation of degraded soil had undergone exponential growth over recent years.

More significantly, the lab results achieved in terms of the biodegradation of organic contaminants gave rise to the opportunity to develop strategies and processes for transferring the -omics technologies from the laboratory and into the open field

During the research and development stage of the Bio.Res.Nova works, carried out using highly mobile equipment of our own design (ROBONOVA), we set-up a spin-off company specifically to meet the identified growing demand for biotechnological services and products with low environmental impact.

This NEWCO was to be able to transform currently unsustainable interventions into economically feasible projects in the context of environmental rehabilitation of industrial sites and brownfields, making use of the above mentioned newly developed integrated processes and strategies, which could also aid in restoring the fertility of degraded agricultural soils.

Research and Development

The significant results that have been achieved through the Bio.Res.Nova project during the research activities carried out together with TB TESECO BONIFICHE, in collaboration with the Department of Biology of the University of Pisa, and with the support of the Pisa Foundation, are highly meaningful. We successfully performed the recovery and valorisation of contaminated soils and sediments by means of innovative biotechnologies based on chemical-physical processes, and specifically with respect to the biodegradation of the main classes of organic contamination, namely heavy hydrocarbons (TPH), aromatic polycyclics (IPA) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

In a matrix where activation of humic substance synthesis (humic and fulvic acids) is mostly absent, the significant achievements pertain both to results in growth of the former as well as to acceleration of degradation kinetics. It was thus possible to physically recreate the minimum conditions and recover the productive function of the matrix: in other words ability to support growth of plant essences is boosted by enhancing the humic and fulvic acid contents to the levels normally present in productive agricultural soils.

Both metabarcoding and in silico reconstruction of the metabolic pathways characterizing the biodegradation protocols were adopted for enacting the sequencing of the metagenome of the environmental matrices, as well as for study of the reference microbiota. “Next generation sequencing”, the most modern sequencing techniques, were therefore employed in the study and engineering of the microbial ecology of the processes.

Fields of implementation

We can now move the -omics technologies out of the laboratory and into the real world, from concept to reality, ready to use in the analysis of the microbiome process in real time, using highly mobile automated equipment. The technologies employed, thanks to newly found knowledge concerning the microbiota, as well as to leading edge engineering design of integrated solutions, which can now be implemented both at micro and nano level, are the result of an advanced scientific specialization that opens up real world revolutionary opportunities in the environmental and agro-ecology fields, with a potential impact across the global market. 

The fields of application are numerous and range from the creation of green platforms for the bioremediation of soils and groundwater, to the implementation of bio-engineered plant components for the treatment of waste water or sludge, gaseous emissions, to the development of technologies and products for the stimulation and amendment of impoverished agricultural soils, as well as for the enhanced utilisation of industrial waste.

Recovery of degraded and contaminated soils

Through optimisation of the process of organic contaminant degradation and synthesis of humic substances, contaminated soils are recovered and their functionality restored, thus allowing their commercial reutilisation.

Groundwater decontamination

We employ integrated biological and chemical-physical technologies (Bio-flushing technology) in order to remove both inorganic contamination as well as degradation of organic contamination affecting groundwater and contaminated soils.

Industrial emission treatment

Thanks to the isolation of bacteria capable of oxidizing hydrogen sulphide and BTEX, new systems can be created for the treatment of gaseous emissions, elutriated and scrubbing water waste. The management of these contaminants is a sector of great interest for industry.

Increasing fertility of agricultural land

To aid the recovery in fertility and growth of plants having commercial value, production of vegetal biomass is increased in degraded soils having an impoverished organic content, by optimizing the phytoremediation processes of the organic contaminants and the synthesis of humic substance.

Technical-scientific consultancy

From analysis to diagnosis we define the processes and develop biotechnological solutions for the treatment of contaminated environmental matrices.

Analysis and diagnostics

Through research, development and validation of environmental technologies we provide engineering and interpretation services of big data connected to the former, supplying, low cost, immediately available, proprietary technology for diagnostics, rehabilitation and prevention of soil degradation (formulations, processes and pilot plants).

Workstation set-up 

Having completed an initial analysis, we define the best on site management processes allowing biodegradation (execution of pilot tests, process engineering, chemical and biological analysis, third generation metagenomics with high mobility, plant management, etc.), based on technologies for enhanced utilisation of industrial waste (biomass + CO2) or for the creation of functional proteins with high added value.

Solutions Development

We develop and market low-cost biotechnological solutions for the treatment of contaminated environmental matrices (soil, groundwater, contaminated gaseous emissions), industrial waters and waste solutions, as well as for improving the quality of chemical and biological-based sludge.

Biotechnology development

We develop and market low-cost biotechnological solutions for the treatment of contaminated environmental matrices

Thanks to high-end engineering of biomass and technological substrates, the company will be able to market product lines for environmental and agro-ecological sectors, such as:

  • Bio-activated microcapsules and carriers, micro-bio-reactors
  • Bio-based stimulants and soil improvers
  • Broad spectrum adsorbents for toxins
  • Functional proteins with high added value
  • Enhancement of industrial waste (biomass + CO2)

Applications of materials based on natural zeolites 

DND Biotech, thanks to years of experience in the study and application of the natural mineral zeolite clinoptilolite in multiple contexts and the important results obtained in the projects LIFE Zeowine - ZEOlite and WINEry waste as innovative product for wine production - (LIFE17 ENV / IT / 000427) co-financed from the European Community and the RiosCa Project - Bone recalcification in the presence of osteoporosis through Clinoptilolite and Calcium based capsules - funded by the Tuscany Region, distributes a series of innovative product lines with particular regard to the following sectors under its own commercial brand (Zeocelitalia):


Animal nutrition


Water Treatment

Industrial Applications

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