Our Project

We develop and market low-cost biotechnological solutions for the treatment of contaminated environmental matrices (soil, groundwater, contaminated gaseous emissions), industrial waters and waste solutions, as well as for improving the quality of chemical and biological-based sludge

Our Vision

The world is growing at nearly unsustainable rate. As a result of human action, more than a million animal and plant species could disappear in the coming decades.

Human activity has significantly altered 75% of the soils of our planet and 66% of the ocean. With the growth of human population, more than a third of the earth's surface and 75% of fresh water resources are now being used to grow food crops.

Since 1980, plastic pollution has grown tenfold and humans are now pumping 300-400 million tons of heavy metals, oils, solvents, toxic sludge and other waste from industrial plants in our seas and waterways every year.

Our research shows that the demand for more sustainable and lower environmental impact products is growing rapidly.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an exponential organization capable of developing a break-through solution to the challenges arising from climate change and loss of biodiversity, using biological technologies in order to combine growth and progress with sustainability.

The company's focus will be the creative introduction of patentable processes and products, such as:

  • bio-amendments
  • bacterial inoculants and fungi
  • technologies for advanced diagnostics and homics in the field
  • treatment technologies
  • microbial carriers and microreactors,
  • site specific environmental assessment criteria
  • equipment for testing and verification of proposed decontamination solutions

We aim to offer a radically new range of tools that can be applied on an industrial scale for land reclamation and regeneration of degraded areas, using effective integrated solutions that are both ecologically and economically sustainable, which will bring about immediate cost benefits to the sector that focuses on ecosystem recovery of currently active industrial and brownfield sites:

  • transforms currently unsustainable interventions into economically sustainable projects
  • increases the scale efficiency of remediation works
  • increases the social acceptability of land reclamation works
  • provides new impetus to a sector associated with a greener and more ethical economy
  • revitalises the services offered
  • offers tools of greater competitiveness on the market

Our Values

The company has the potential for considerable positive socio-economic impact across a broad local region: the contribution of cutting edge value scientific and technological solutions calls for the involvement of institutes, laboratories, researchers working in the nearby districts but also of subjects and institutions that bring to the community know how from other European countries and all over the world.

The cultural growth of the surrounding areas in which it operates forms part of the business ethics of the project: the extensive employment of the biotechnological applications, both on a pilot scale and on a real scale, will also imply drawing on local resources, both for supplies and services, thus prompting new employment opportunities at a regional level and the training of new professional profiles (such as bio-technologists, bio-computer scientists, bio-engineers, etc) functional to the growth of a highly specialized business.

Our Team

Cosimo Masini

CEO & Founder

Davide Manzi

Biologist & R&D

Fabio Filippi

Marketing Director

Giulio Giannardi


Beatríz Cano


Marco Allemandi

Animal Nutritionist

Contact us for more information

Contact us to find out more on our project or are interested in working with us, we will be happy to provide you with more detailed news about our works and our products currently under development.