Conferences and workshops where we exhibited the results we have achieved and implementation case studies of our discoveries in soil remediation.

Conferences & workshops

Details of some of the events where we exhibited the results achieved by our R&D Team

  • I2SM (International Symposium on Sediment Management) RemTech– Ferrara, Italy 2014;
  • 6th European Bioremediation Conference (EBC-VI) - Crete, Greece 2015;
  • 17th European Biotechnology Congress - Krakow, Poland 2016;
  • Workshop SiCon – Rome, Italy 2017;
  • 9th International Conference ICEEM09 – Bologna, Italy 2017;
  • 7th European Bioremediation Conference (EBC-VI) e 11th International Society for Environmental Biotechnology conference (ISEB 2018) - Crete, Greece 2018;
  • International Summer School Contaminated soil: management & remediation within the EU LIFE LifeBiorest project, « Bio-remediation, Revegetation and environmental Recovery of contaminated soils» -Turin, Italy 2018.


Projects where our discoveries in soil remediation have been implemented in collaboration with TB Teseco Bonifiche

Ex Raffineria Aquila, Trieste – 25 mln €

Cav.To.Mi, Ossona – 19.7 mln €

Seno di Ponente, Brindisi – 16.1 mln €

Thapsos, Priolo Gargallo – 11.5 mln €

Edipower, Messina – 6.5 mln €

Fiat Purchasing, Volvera – 5.6 mln €

Camp Darby, Livorno – 2.5 mln €

ENI E&P, Trecate – 1.6 mln €

ENI R&M, Modena – 1.2 mln €

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