Pilot plant: RoboNova

An innovative plant system created for the functional recovery of degraded agricultural soils and for the analysis, monitoring and treatment of industrial organic pollutants

RoboNova, engineered, built and employed by our R&D team, is an innovative pilot plant that has made it possible for us to:

  • Physically validate the findings of the innovative protocols and processes that have been developed and implemented in the laboratory phase
  • Monitor both the metabolic activity of microorganisms and the ongoing processes,
  • Assess our innovative technology in terms of environmental impact (consumption, emissions, waste produced).

Our project has received widespread interest in the scientific community with companies in the environmental and biotechnological sectors also building up expectations based on the results obtained by our RoboNova plant in terms of increases in treatment efficiency compared to more traditional applications: this not only goes to demonstrate the current appeal of our field of research but also substantiates the validity of our works.

The next stages in the development of our works are the fine-tuning of RobaNova system and its preparation for industrial scale-up.

Virtual tour of the pilot plant

Take the virtual tour of the first plant system we built for testing and verifying the omics technological solutions we employ for decontamination.

Patents filed

DND Biotech is the holder of the Italian patent "Enhanced technique of remediation of soils contaminated by organic compounds which exploits the capacity of degradation of autochthonous microbial and fungal population”. Patent number 0001416158 - 2015 may 22.

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